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File: 1582000714639.jpg (114,36 KB, 736x987, 3f612de4acf90cfd4d9dd85c8a….jpg)


Hey Russian friends, come talk to us!


File: 1567045412528.jpg (8,01 KB, 300x100, _(300_x_100_pixel).jpg)


Friendly greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/


Ahoy there.
Cute girl at background you have.

File: 1532223924118.png (600,41 KB, 750x747, malk.png)


Greetings from https://mewch.net/b


File: 1532293824133.jpeg (82,3 KB, 720x592, 433D6AC2-F49A-498E-941C-6….jpeg)

Greetings to you


Hi. How is goin'?

File: 1507193923950.png (766,46 KB, 624x488, 4744040444.png)


Oh, greetings, my dear friend-ducks!
In this pond I want to talk with you for practice.

Any thems are allowed, there are nothing bad to make solecisms. When you see someone's misprint, just notice and correct/rectify him.

It is better to re-read your post before it sended, don't forgot about different punctuatin-buttons in ru-en layouts *wink*.

Its ok for american english, but also ok to not accept it.

Better do not use russian. Use translator. Best to translate word by word — not whole text.

Here we go!


>Any thems
Lost "E" in word themes. Also better to use "topic" at this context.


Quacks, what do you think about corgis? Aren't they cute and funny? I do have one, once I was want to name him Ein (yes, like one from Cowboy Bebop) but he was far not einshteined. Now he looks way more itelegent, but he is fine with it's current name.

I like to watch videos about corgis playing in snow, that funnu how they use to move through is with jumping movements. Also as I seen they walkin alike it through high grass.

And yes, that dogs defenetly are impersonation of gluttony.


Oh, a typo.


File: 1507198652185.gif (555,76 KB, 500x333, Jet-like-Ein.gif)

>what do you think about corgis?
Like it

File: 1507109334984.jpeg (255,31 KB, 686x385, big_ben.jpeg)


London is a capital of Great Britain

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